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"In 2013, Sean Considine was playing football with the Baltimore Ravens. They won the Super Bowl and he has a ring to show for it. But now, retired from the NFL, Considine has a new role—running a mobile meat market. He teamed up with Lance Headon of Headon’s Fine Meats and Catering from Creston, Illinois and created Headon and Considine’s Market. Using a custom built trailer, he sells fresh chicken, beef, steak, pork chops and different salads. “I think people were kind of laughing at me, everyone’s calling me a carnie in Byron, selling meat out of a trailer. That’s been kind of the laughing joke… until they saw the lines to buy the stuff,” said Sean."

Source: WQAD-Quad Cities-Aug 22, 2013-By Brittany Lewis

2017 Schedule

1st Tues: Polo

2nd Tues: Genoa

3rd Tues: Polo

4th Tues: Oregon

Wed: Dixon

Thurs: Sterling

Fri: Byron

Sat: Rochelle