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Lyle Headon

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 “Welcome to HEADONS, we are glad that you found us. We are a family operated market, proud of its small-town friendliness and dedication to quality. We area also dedicated to providing for our customers vast needs.”

Lyle and Cindy started their business in 1970 with a small Mom & Pop grocery store, which included a 12-foot meat counter. As time went by, they converted their store into a specialized meat operation. They felt that people deserved the best in quality and price.

Today, with son Lance as a partner, they boast a wide range of clientele, 30 feet of fresh meats counter and 24 feet of deli and finely selected cheeses. They have gone from a small operation to one of the most recognized names in quality meats in the State of Illinois.

HEADONS’ market is one of the very few markets where you can find a very friendly butcher who knows how to cut meat and how to prepare it as well. They rise early each morning to cut the meats fresh for display each day. Their famous Bratwurst is made fresh every week, along with the long list of variety sausages and smoked products. The steaks are cut by hand to ensure peaked bloom while in the retail service counters. All Beef, Pork and Poultry are born in the USA, with the products coming from the Midwest.

Having the fresh meats has allowed the CATERING business aspect of HEADONS to become very successful. Lyle is able to select his meat products from a large inventory of cooler items and perform his cooking magic. Their success has continued to grow since the inception of off premise catering in 1985.

Visit HEADONS for that superb piece of meat to make a perfect centerpiece for your meal. Their staff can assist you in your plans for the upcoming special occasion of a wedding reception or anniversary party. Corporation accounts are also a very important part of their business.  

"Customer satisfaction is the utmost goal of each and every employee"

For a unique experience, visit HEADONS where the meat and deli staffs are awaiting to serve you. And please browse the store, you will find many fine delicacies of today’s gourmet inclinations as well as remembrances of yesteryear. If you have time and are not in a rush, grab a cup of coffee and sit on the liar’s bench with the locals.   

"We strive to greet you with a smile and call you by name"

September of 2016, HEADONS will be entering it’s 48th year in business and Lyle will be celebrating his 60th year of continuous work at this same establishment.  

"6 Butchers by the name of Lance"

103 S. Main St. Creston, Illinois 60113
Pho: (815) 384 3620
(815) 384 4407
Fax: (815) 384 4304


Store hours
:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday




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