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Complete Processing: Skinning-Cutting-Wrapping ONLY $119.00

We keep each order separate to guarantee that you will receive only your

animal. Extra charges for ingredients and smokehouse products.

A deposit is necessary.

Snack Stix $4.99 lb (finished wt)
10 lb min wt (7 lb derr, 3 lb beef)
Tex Mex, Hot/Mild, BBQ, Garlic
Fresh Sausage $3.59 lb (finished wt)
by wt (5 lb deer, 5 lb pork)
Brats, Cajun, Tex Mex, Italian, Breakfast
Specialty brats will require an additional fee - Please check in house rates before ordering
Summer Sausage $4.29 lb (finished wt)
Regular, Garlic
Venison Bacon 10 lb min wt. $3.29 lb
by wt (5 lb deer, 5 lb pork)
Jerky No Longer Available

$0.80/lb charge for Jalapeno, Cheese or Pineapple
+ $.0.40 for each additional ingredient

Drop Off Cooler available for after-hours. Call 815-790-2083